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Author: Jahdoh
Posted: 4:25 pm Sep-17-2016
Hey Jecht,

Can't seem to catch you in game, and you're probably too busy when you are. Any chance I could ask you a few questions. I'm still sorta stuck in a few
places having to repeat quests I've already done and such. Like Natah, Second Dream. No matter how many times I go back to Uranus to scan an Oculyst, they
never spawn. It's frustrating as I have already completed these. I think my account my be glitched.

I hope it's okay to use your forums for this even know I'm not in your Dojo.


Author: Jeht
Posted: 12:36 am Sep-18-2016
they just have a low spawn rate, best thing to do is capture on uranus (joke would be to easy, moving on) or even exterminate but
exterminate has the bad side of possible sharkwing.

Just go slowly, dont speed run it and watch out for stalker type flashy flashy.

Took me along time to get my scan in for natah quest, was like a week of getting more and more annoyed as i would glitch game or game would
crash every time they spawned in but those bugs are long and gone now
Author: Jahdoh
Posted: 2:22 am Sep-18-2016
Author: Jahdoh
Posted: 8:39 pm Sep-19-2016
Still trying to catch up on mechanics added since I was last active. I searched your videos to see if you had something when focus was first introduced to
tell me what it is, how to use it. I found one called "Warframe - Focus System Beta (spoilers!)" from Dec 9, 2015, but even that one doesn't give etiology.
Any recommendations from your library?
Author: Auto_Body_Man
Posted: 1:05 am Jul-09-2018
To OriginalWickedFun

  I'm on ps4 and I like to play a
couple of game with you and if u would
like any help on ps4 I like to try to
help. My ps4 Username name is
AutoBodyMan. I have all the trophy for
warframe exect the platinum trophy. I'm
a MR 19. I also have some Custom
Training Area's I would like ur option
on. You can massage me on ps4.
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