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Author: Jeht
Posted: 7:53 pm Dec-20-2013
Ok so small post about what we are i guess?

We're mad, all mad, madness wrapped in insanity and served on a plate with a bacon sandwich?

no not really, Thanks to FaTe for putting this all together, it came out way better than expected with the layout than we could of thought it would.

High possability with all the Warframe videos that this forum is going to become heavy in that but for now its just a test to see how things go, launching on friday the 20th december 2013 to see how the forums work out for awhile.

had bad luck in the past with forums, they dont like me and i always forget to read them so here's hoping that it dont go that way this time.

so hello to everyone, everyones welcome but please, keep it clean!
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