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Yes Yes, i know, left these late too huh :whistle:

But, i never did finish getting the skana to 30 so was rebuilding it and seen these so thought i would try them out.

So the stats are the same as the normal skana .. exactly the same, but they look way cooler!

The main reason for these was to use my excaliber and a lato pistol and just go out and see how many ppl called me a n00b.

WISH i counted them as it happens alot, even with everything maxed and killing more than anyone else, your still a n00b for using these.

SOOOOOO much fun to see though, because dispite there low damage, these are just so much fun to use, throw in a maxed out fire rate mod and max out the base damage and there just so much fun.

they will never be able to do much damage over some of the higher damage weapons but getting them there was just way more fun.
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