Warframe 80 Lets build the Ether Daggers
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:55 pm on Oct-13-2013By: Jecht

So we found out yesterday these had 4 days till they where being "retired" from the game, there is 4 things going.

the boar, the gorgon, the machette and these, these where the only thing we didnt build so snuck in there before they where gone forever.

with a damage of 30 and fire rate of 0.8 i ignored these for ONE reason, they attack one person at a time.

they act just like the fang so amazed so many ppl disliked these with the extra damage  over the fangs, or even the fang primes as the primes dont do this much damage .

But, after a day of using them, getting got them to 20 and the fire rate being so slow is a massive hindrance to these, they simply dont swing fast enough to do that 3 melee swings in one attack that makes the fangs so good.

it is a shame to see a weapon go like this, glad we got to play with them before they went, we'll even buy a BP just incase they retire the function to buy them, not build them so we can give them away one day when there a collectable item but can still understand why they are being retired.

do more damage than the fang does but ... only hits ONE person at a time, thats just wrong, they suffer so much because of this and this is why we ignored them for so long.
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