Warframe Dojo Weapons - Bio lab #4 The Embolist
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:17 am on Oct-12-2013By: Jecht

well well well, this pistol is basicly the flame thrower but shoots acid.

suffers the same problems the flux rifle and Spectra do, they have very little to no range on them so have to get up in ppl's faces to do any kind of damage.

to be honest, when i had these at level 9 i put them away for a day or 2, they where annoying me so much as i couldnt kill anything with them.

BUT, had to try again so respeced them, put a damage mod on and instantly its like this thing became SO much better.

no elements, only ammo capacity maxed and the base damage increased by an empty mod, instantly i was hooked on these as ppl just melted before me.

with a base damage of 150 but a mastery level of 8 this little pistol looks both visually appealing with the tail hanging off the handle but if you can bear thru the first few levels of it and get that damage mod on quickly, the thing becomes a beastly little pistol quickly.

just be VERY aware, that range is an issue and you have to get up close to ppl so handing this to a warframe with 10 armour and expecting them to live long enough to hurt anyone could lead to many revives being used.
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