Warframe 75 Lets build the Boar Prime
PermalinkSubmitted: 9:39 pm on Sep-29-2013By: Jecht

This is the Boar prime, what a pain this was.

this drops from mobile defence void:
T1 gets you the Boar Prime Blueprint OR the stock
T2 gets you the stock OR the barrel
T3 gets you the barrel OR the reciever

it does 24 LESS damage than the normal one does, so its not really worth all that farming to get ahold of just yet, does nothing special apart from the skin either.

its abit of a let down considering the normal boar is much easier to obtain by just going into the market and buying the BP for credits :wall:

hope they fix this soon, 24 less damage with .6 fire rate increase aint worth it unless they do.

so save your time, buy the boar BP and build that, more damage!
Created by  MarkeyDesign