Warframe 74 Lets build the GALATINE
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:42 pm on Sep-28-2013By: Jecht

With a base damage of 35, fire rate of 1.4 and a charge damage of 400, this promised to be a really good long sword.

taking its place as replacing the gram maybe?

Well the charge on this weapon to get that 400 is a really long time, even after installing the charge mod to it, the speed did not increase that much but its much better now.

the slowness of the charge means its biggest good point is also its biggest bad point, meaning that used with one of the support frames like ember or trinity puts them at risk of death while trying to charge this.

once thats sorted alittle with a mod, this becomes a really fun weapon to use, its abit too big and instead of hitting either "a single enemey" or "many enemys" it hits only 5 at once, this wont matter much because if you have more than 5 around you, you tend to have bigger issues than as you cant charge a weapon as they interupt you doing so anyway.

is still a great weapon to use, add in the charge speed and charge damage mods and this thing will be powerfull enough to put the reaper prime or hate into jeopardy of loosing there "best melee in the game" status :p
Created by  MarkeyDesign