Warframe Livestream #5 with the Devs quick overview
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Orikin set - new areas based on orikin stlyes

getting to these areas sounds like its going to be a pain, was talk of nodes but nothing really giving too much away just yet.

frost prime will drop in orikin set area.

other prime stuff will drop in orikin set area like weapons and such.

update 8 .. 2 weeks or less??

no update on friday!!

will be more weekend events but might be layed out differently, such as being told what the reward will be at the start.

grineer are getting there own ships so no longer be on corpus ships/planets

new warframe, combat engineer .. possibly called trapper?

more factions coming but not in update 8 so will be a 4th style of enemy!

not removing level cap but adding in like a prestiege system that allows you to add polarity slots to weapons and warframes once maxed.

Traiding system is going to be extreamly limited .. because its free to play and ppl can manipulate it, it'll basicly be an internal clan traiding only thing.

new sentinal coming but no real name for it yet.
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