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Well then, this was the worst warframe to get EVER!!

T1 survival gets you the main BP for her or the helmet

T2 survival gets the helmet or chassis

T3 survival gets you the chassis or the systems, i have so many chassis right now its laughable.

so to get T3 keys, mars or mercury survival, last 15mins and thats how we got ours doing that, was lucky to find a nice team who where farming at the same time so was nice.

she's basicly the same as normal mag, but with that extra V polarity slot.

played with her alittle after this mission on xini and leveled up her abilities and thru in a stretch and focus mod, thats range and damage.

OMG, i made a nova rage quit the game as i was using pull and actually yoinking there kills, the other 2 in the group wouldnt stop laughing at me :whistle:

she looks awesome and unlike normal mag, i'm enjoying this mag, even though there both the same lol.

no really, i even upgraded normal mag, did it again, but this time was in solo so i didnt annoy anyone and WAY more fun than when i built her the first time, she is WAY better now!!
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