Warframe 72 Lets make the Dark Sword
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:20 pm on Sep-25-2013By: Jecht

we tried the plasma sword before the gram, it had the same specs as the gram so we sold it and built the gram instead.

so after some time i was reading comments and seen 4 or 5 ppl asking afew times for this so though i would build this one.

it dont do much damage, 30 damage is nothing over the bigger ones at 40/50/60 damage from the bigger melee weapons but for something you get for free with only work being needed is being online when this alert comes up.

This drops from alerts, only special alerts with items, it used to be a question mark and you had to visit the forums or there twitter to see what it was but now it shows you what it is so easier to find it when it comes up.

it did amaze me, i expected it to do 20 or 25, 30 is much better.

its AoE is big too, not huge but i went from using the machete, which had no AoE, to this which does.

is one of those horrid weapons that only attacks one person at a time though, which is its only down site tbh.
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