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expected this to be an awesome little weapon, similar specs to the gram and i love my gram.

ok so its not 60 damage, but it swings faster meaning with the right mods you can get 2 swings in over the slower weapons 1, so WAY worth it.

BIGGEST issue i have with this, it should of shared an animation set with the Reaper prime or the Hate, it didnt, it shared its animation with the machete, which sucked for this weapon.

throw that aside, this still does a nice amount of damage and looks really nice on nova or loki, because they look silly with the big weapons on there backs where as this is smaller.

its a one handed weapon and does work really well when leveled up but would defiantly go for the ether reaper over this if you cant decide between the 2.

it is why we built that one first anyway, was hoping this would be more fun but the animation lets it down big time.
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