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Well this guy aint half bad.

soul punch, terrify and desecration SUUUUCK as main abilitys tbh.

soul punch should be super powerful, guy stands up in the video after using it on venus .. nuff said on how weak that is.

Terrify, my nekros couldnt scare anything, i have tried time and time again and ppl get particle effects and continue trying to kill me, plus seems this works on ONE person at a time, another shame.

Desecration was fixed, it now costs less than it did but 95% of the time all i get is ammo for weapons i dont have with me and health, so not totally useful but the health can be when your almost dead so this aint that bad of a power tbh.

The uber ability "shadows of the dead" has to be his crowning party piece though, the ability to bring the recently killed back to life for a short time to fight along side you, this could save your butt!

it will bring back almost every enemy except the boss, i have had a rocket launching grineer, fusion moa and even the shield throwing red corpus guys all on my side!

the one you want is the infested ancient healer though, they will heal you while attacking enemys so best of both worlds and is often seen in the void.

all in all this guy aint half bad, he's amazingly weak on the health/shields though, with my almost maxed mods he is still in need of shields and health making him more of a support warframe :(

the lack of polarized aura slot will mean you have to level him up before you can use all the abilities too so first polarize, if your going to, should be that aura slot, it will double the points you get from whatever you put in there.
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