Warframe 68 Lets build the SOMA
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:54 pm on Sep-18-2013By: Jecht

WOW, just wow.

this is just as the gorgon once was, the single shot ability makes was nerfed from the gorgon once everyone started using it so its nice to see it return.

This weapon has amazed me, i said in my update 10 video that the soma looked rubbish, it really did, but after using it i'm happy to say i was wrong, this is an awesome rifle WELL worthy of being built.

They are not going to nerf it either, they are instead going to add a mastery level, what that is i dont know as they have not done it yet.

This rifle snuck up on me tbh, i built it just to see what it was like but soon as i used it i was shocked to find its such a nice rifle.

the single shot is great, saves you ammo!

the 8k salvage is VERY worth it!!!

if your going to build any of the new weapons, build this!!!!!!
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