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Ok so when i recorded this on friday, the dojo weapons where DONE!! :yay:

UPDATE 10 came out, now we have 3 new weapons and a sentinel to build in the labs now so this series continues, soon as i have them done.

So this weapon, well its a nice sniper rifle, its one of the best in the game to be honest!

crits are in the THOSANDS :yay:

it takes so long to get to this, we had the labs for along time before i was done with every other weapon and could get to actually building this.

but its worth it, the damage is awesome.

the particle effect when you charge it look real nice.

but more importantly, it will kill things properly!!

the other sniper rifles suffer abit due to them needing more damage but this thing is so good its silly.

mean the crits can be 2k or more early on, increased with a crit damage/chance mods installed this could turn out to be a really high powered rifle.

just dont forget the max ammo mod, or you'll run out quick!!
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