Warframe Weekend Event Reward
PermalinkSubmitted: 8:20 pm on May-07-2013By: Jecht

So its over, we did it!!

was close though, after 18hr's we where only at 18% so math dictated it would be at 48% when it was over but sunday morning we where over 60% and justafter lunch time .. BLAM!!! done :whistle:

So what we get?

100k credits ... :toke:

OH and the frost prime blueprint :yay:

i said on saturday, looks like the reward is going to be a new warframe and i was right and SO happy as i love my frost warframe.

ofcorse as we got a blueprint NOT the actual warframe it needs the helmet/systems/chassi which we cant get till update 8, its a shame but if you look at this img below i've put as a linky as its a wallpaper img, which is also thumbnail for above video too btw.

Frost prime wallpaper

mmmm 2 things about this i forgot in the video ..

new warframe gun and axe weapons in that picture by the looks of it as the excaliber prime used a pistol and dagger, thats no dagger :yay:

ALSO, DEV livestream tomorrow (8th may) at 2pm EDT, what EDT means i have no idea but its easten time for north america :whistle:

they are suposidly talking about the update 8 which means news on dojo upgrading and item sharing i hope.

also hoping for more info as to how we build the frost prime warframe as i REALLY am looking foward to building that.
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