Warframe Dojo Weapons - Energy lab #4 The Flux Rifle
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:46 pm on Sep-11-2013By: Jecht

Well this weapon was a massive let down!

the lazer beam is alittl...


its got NO range either? and you cant kill things on other side of the room?

well that sucks again :wall:

Despite that, this weapon amazed me.

it is longer than the spectra and does alot more damage and the ammo lasta along long time, i thru in an ammo mod and did xini to 20 without running out of ammo so this weapons not so bad afterall.

still prefer the braton prime to any of these other rifles so far as it dont empty a clip to kill one enemy but this is trying to fight it for the title.

its currently a lvl 10 and its definatly a good weapon but so sick of hearing "wow whats that your using?" from random ppl who dont know about the flux rifle as you cant miss the beam lol.

apparently it ignores armour too but not seeing that much as been using it against the infested lol.
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