Warframe Update 9 8 - mod system changed again
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:44 pm on Sep-11-2013By: Jecht

Well, Well, Well, update 9.8 amazed us with a mod change implementation.

what changed, well basicly they made it so you can have one mod shared accross all warframes or one for all weapons.

nice change, has made most my warframes WAAAY better as there now sharing a mod but at the same time its left me with all those spare mods and left me with alot of work to have to go over ALL weapons/warframes to sort out the mods to clear my list abit.

for new players this is going to save them so much time and credits from increasing mods but for ppl with most the stuff now made, its caused them to have to go back and rethink all there weapons.

even ppl who have only been playing for afew weeks have had to go back and rethink there mods after this so its not as big as the update 7 mod change but its made things easier but harder at the same time.

interesting to see how this works over time.
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