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Well then, thiswas an amazing little shotgun.

the normal strun did lack power as it was the entry to the shotgun's and generally was the poorest.

the wraith version, 190 damage .. WOW its amazingly powerfull.

people are saying it will be nurfed, its already lost some of its crit chance but still is a good shotgun.

It is more powerfull than the hek, shoots a smaller grouping of shells than the hek and could be a good contender for  best shotgun in game.

unforunally this is a useless point because it was a reward for lasting over 20mins in the survival weekend event so you cant build or buy this weapon.

even though i'm sure it will pop up again one day, for now though it's like the braton vandal .. if you dont have it and want it, tuff.

did come with a free slot for it that helped but if you sell the weapon you loose the slot.
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