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ok so this is basicly the gorgon rifle with a different skin.

it has a slow spool up rate so once you start to fire it takes a second or 2 to start getting to its 12 fire rate and by which point your out of ammo :wall:

clip capacity and reload speed mods HIGHLY recommended for this or it will be a useless weapons imo.

with the fact its a re-skinned weapon aside its not a bad little rifle, it costs WAY too much to build considering you have to be mastery 7 to use this too, think thats why it costs so much tbh.

because your a high mastery level they ask for more resources so you should have enough but we JUST had enough to do this and had to go plastid farming once this was done.

be VERY aware this reloads very slowly and has a spool up time before it shoots and you'll be fine though.

this is a good weapon as does nice damage with a crazy 12 fire rate but just simply costs WAY too much to build with the 7 fieldron research it needs :angry:

but once built you wont be disapointed once its leveled up alittle and you have the reload mod in it.
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