Warframe 65 Lets make the Dual Vastos
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WOW, looked foward to these since the live stream where there announcement of these was simply sheldon reading the question "will there be a dual vasto?" and the art director saying "there coming" .. that was it :yay:

SO, there here, LOVE these weapons actually, they are only the 3rd weapon i rushed.

now i'm lucky to of had the 2 vasto's built so we could build this when it came out, as you can see in the video, these where less than 30mins old by the time i had them built.

still not bought any weapons as we used resources to build EACH of these to put them into this so still sticking to my "built not bought" mentality thats only placed there by myself.

we've had enough platinum to buy these when they came out but i wanted to build them as that keeps to what we've been doing all this time to show, you can get far by only building the stuff, not buying it.

even though i am a master founder, these go on weapon/warframe slots.

ANYWAY, these weapons are awesome, there not the most powerfull dual pistol in the game atall, but there by far the most fun to use!

at lvl 14 with a catalyst they are melting thru lvl 70 anciants, not with ease but not got all my mods in yet!

there are SO much fun to use over the "point and kill" weapons liek the twin vipers that these are totaly worth building as they add a different element because you have to keep pushing fire to shoot with them.

wish i had these fully maxed by now but its been a crazy weekend tbh.
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