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Well something abit different this time, this time TWO weapons :yay:

was meant to be the supra but the materials needed meant it would of not been ready in time to put up as this lab costs a FORTUNE on resources!

do mention in video what the mastery is for these, think its 3 for the prova and 4 for the dera, but not sure off hand so check out the video for that.


Well this actually amazed me, i thought it was a poor weapon till i built it and used it.

it does electricle damage to your enemys so has that going strong for it so adding electricle damage should make this an awesome weapons!

it fires quicker than i expeced, the animation for it is nice but after expecting a piece of poop of a weapon i was amazed to find this actually usefull!

still using it :p


Well i went from using the braton prime to using this and tbh, the braton was nicer with more damage and half the fire rate than this did.

but after using it its not that bad, its a good little rifle, fires QUICK so needs a clip capacity mod badly due to the fire rate but once thats in becomes a fun little rifle.

down side to this, i just did an infested mission where this was doing 1 damage to an infested
with a +90% seration (damage) mod so i'm gonna stick to my original thought of this.

its a novilty weapon built for ppl who just want an OK rifle that's fun to use.

worth building if your up for some fun but not worth taking to higher levels unless you put in a REALLY high level serration mod, spelt it right that time :p
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