Warframe Dojo Weapons - Bio lab #2 The Acrid
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:05 am on Sep-03-2013By: Jecht

This weapon .. WOW, what can i say?

Its a single shot so every time you fire it you have to pull the trigger to fire it but once leveled up it melts the higher level enemys with ease.

it causes a poison type damage over time so if you shoot someone, they take damage over time after being shot with it.

its expencive as hell to build with the research needed and the parts needed but still WELL worth building.

does require Mastery Level 7 though so well worth noteing that before trying to build the parts for it!

but once you have it, this thing is more leathal than the twin vipers are for the anciant infested enemys as while your shooting there taking the damage over time from the poision thing this does.
Created by  MarkeyDesign