Warframe update 7.10 Weekend event
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OK so there's a global event, this needs EVERYONE'S help to solve for the "reward" we'll get at the end!
was a pain to find these new Fusion Moa enemies as ppl kept killing them but they look realy nice, so here's a list of whats new in the update:


- New "Operations" global challenge system.

- New Corpus enemy type: Fusion MOA.

- New Warframe mod: Retribution.

- New Warframe mod: Handspring.

- New rifle mod: Thunderbolt.

- Added new "Smoke" colour palette.

- Added new death animations for Infested Charger, and Grineer Marine class enemies.


- Allow users to zoom out & view entire star chart so long as session isn't public (i.e. user is waiting for random players to join via matchmaking) and final countdown isn't running.

- Mod fusion screen now resizes based on viewport size and uses a scroll bar.

- Charged melee glow now uses energy color from color picker.

- All Shotguns get a boost, effective range increased. Hek is boosted further than Strun and Boar.

- Gorgon rifle accuracy increases.

- Snipetron now has Armor Piercing damage by default, but with a slight increase to recoil.

- Burston rifle hip fire accuracy increases.

- Braton damage buff.

- Corpus Crewman head shot armor piercing multiplier reduced.

- Saryn's Moult power now has a timer, was highly exploitable

- Nyx's Chaos power now has a timer.

- Can no longer join alert missions after they’ve expired.

- Replaying an alert mission that you’ve already successfully completed will no longer award credits.



- Fixed issue where mods would somehow occupy the same spot and could not be accessed.

- Fixed FX on Ether Swords and Ether Daggers.

- Fixed missing terrain in Grineer levels.

- Fixed client's indication of revive progress not showing up, number of free revives on clients not being correct.

- Fixed extraction timer starting in MP when a player reaches the end trigger then goes inactive.

- Fixed Freeze Damage mods not working on some Grineer enemy types.

- Fixed bug where you could use Loki to Switch Teleport with a downed capture target.

- Fixed Loki's Switch Teleport not working on Shockwave MOA.

- Fixed Loki's Decoy power that would hang around after its creator left the game.

- Fixed distortion FX on fires.

- Fixed Datamass not being obtainable after its been teleported/respawned.

- Fixed Paris and Boar sounds that were not consistent between what the user hears and what the other players hear.

- Fixed Mag's Crush power being locked "in use" after using destructive power on explosive nervos.

- Fixed bug where lag on clients could be exploited to avoid damage from AI.

- Fixed avatars falling through active elevators when selecting revive.

- Fixed various level holes and mesh errors.

- Fixed multiple graphics related crashes.

- Fixed mods not affecting Banshee’s sonar power.


- Retribution [Warframe]: Chance to do electrical damage when shield struck by melee enemies.

- Handspring [Warframe]: Quicker recovery after being knocked down.

- Thunderbolt [Paris]: Chance for arrows to explode.

and ofcorse, some issues that had to be fixed meaning ...

HOTFIX 7.10.1

- Fixed Paris unable to pick up ammo on clients.

- Fixed red damage numbers showing up randomly.

- Fixed crazy Mine Drone scale.

- Improved launcher patching of corrupt data-files.

- Fusion Moas down to early tier in defense missions.

Ofcorse in my video you noticed i said i think that the reward will be a new warframe, there's lots of chatter to what it might or might now be but only way to find out is to get to 100% and see what we get on monday.

this ends monday 6th may at 12am EST .. ECT .. i forget which lol, looked for it but cant find it now.

That black is really nice too.
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