Warframe Dojo Weapons - Chem lab #2 The Ogris
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:19 pm on Aug-20-2013By: Jecht

Well Well Well, Its finaly time for the ogris, the rocket launcher.

building this was a pain, the resources used where annoying as heck!

but we got there, and got it done, you do need mastery rank 6, making it a weapon that alot of ppl have to work hard to get but lucky for us with all the weapons we have leveled up we where able to use it straight away.

Firing this shocked me!

pull the trigger, nothing .. try again, even less .. wtf :wall:

OH, you have to charge it, what a pain in the butt!!

if you kill stuff to far away you dont get the xp so can take alot longer to level up too, bigger pain!

BUT, we needed this for the T3 defence missions in the void as they can crowd round a door and this does alot of splash damage meaning i was able to use the keys i've had for along time now and finally get some void defence done!

Its a good weapon for shooting crowds of enemys but useless against alot of other types as there too quick and as you shoot there on you and  you kill yourself trying to kill them.

the rockets CAN be shot down, eveything i find suggests using multishot for this to counter that but if they shoot it down as you fire it, you take alot of damage from it.

apart from that its great fun to use!
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