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So have had alot of ppl asking "you going to make the clan weapons?" "where are the clan weapons?" "can you please do the clan weapons" ..

Well last week i did an update to tell you there coming and here is the first part!

We are starting off in the chem lab because i want the ogris and know its a widely wanted weapon but before we get there, there is a weapon in the way.

So here's the first of the weapons, the Ignis aka .. the flame thrower!

this is about to recieve a buff VERY soon to hit more than one person at a time but at this moment in time hits only one person (will update if i remember about it)

This weapon is not a bad weapon against early infested enemys as they take the most fire damage but considering the resources needed to build it i was expecting a MUCH better weapon!

It was a bit of a let down using this and a weird learning curv, you have to use it to set them on fire and basically swap to another weapon to get the kill in otherwise its useless because it just dont do enough damage under constant fire.

So would i reccomend this?

not at the moment, save the resources and put them into researching the ogris!!!!!!!  :yay:
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