Warframe 60 Lets make the Twin Gremlins
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:45 pm on Aug-15-2013By: Jecht

dropped by either vor or krill on the new phobes planet these do not require you do farm the parts to build, just need resources.

even though you do need to farm the BP itself.

These are very closely linked to the akbolto pistols in that they shoot bolts so are classed as a physics pistol (shrugs).

They do 5 more damage than the akboltors but the ak's fire twice as fast so a fire rate mod is needed!

They are not that bad of a weapon, like most duel weapons we had to give them ago and even though they do high numbers of damage per shot the slow starting fire rate and small clip/ammo ammounts do let them down.

Still worth trying out though as the ak's need you to constantly press fire, these just need you to hold fire.
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