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Last of the current prime weapons!? (ticks box)

Well let me start with the bad news, this is NOT worth building.

save your time farming or buying farm keys as this weapon does the SAME damage as the normal orthos.

this is what the original orthos was meant to look like from the previes shown in the livestream all that time ago but they released it visualy different and made this one a prime.

it has only one thing different i can see and thats the fact that it has a wider area on the ground pound.

its abit of a let down they share stats tbh.

its still good, abit too big and can get in the way visualy on the screen though.

so if you dont have the normal one of these and your thinking of which to go for, just build the standard one, looks better on your back and since they do same stat damage .. save your time and build the normal one.

HOPE they buff this soon, they made the same mistake with the reaper prime, they made it alot weaper than it should of been and alot of ppl complained and they will probly do the same with this.
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