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Ok let me tell you a story, about a pre update 7.

So you start the game with either mag, loki or excaliber, i chose excaliber (spelling lol) and you start with the mk1-braton, lato and that silly sword.

level up the pistol and rifle basicly taking turns getting them leveled up, drop a catalyst into the mk1-braton and a reactor into the excaliber warframe.

for SOOOOOOOOOO long i used that braton, update 7 comes out, mods are GONE .. weapons are weak as hell.

built new stuff but always ended up back at the mk1-braton.

i start building warframes and weapons, put them on youtube as i go but till i built the HEK i was still using the mk1 braton as my main weapon dispite the gorgon and boltor being there.

got some mods in it, its good once more but then hek comes along and WOOSH .. mk1 braton has been used maybe once or twice while messing around because its weak as hell against the harder enemys on sedna/pluto/eris where i spend most my time farming resourses to build with.

Then i find it .. the braton vandal .. a big smile comes over my face, the thought of once more using a rifle thats actually good?

BUT WAIT, it was out in febuary and i missed it, could of had it but didnt know about it.

so since about 3weeks before update 8 i've been trying and hoping they will release it once more for a short time period but looks like that ship has sailed.

THEN, whats this? update 9 sneeks in one friday night, have to look into wtf's new as i was about to goto bed that night expecting it 2 weeks later than it came out .. OMG .. a new braton :yay:

So been looking foward to this ever since, farmed the void so much i can walk thru it blind folded, backwards, hopping on one leg while humming random songs and still managing to kill anything that moves.

got all the parts except one of the paris parts and most the othos parts but not ONE BP had dropped.

was fed up tbh, took a break to get the seer pistol, 3 whole damn days to get that but its done!

weekend event arrives as i get the fang prime and the bronco prime BP's so i have to stop again.

this week i FINALY got it, the braton prime BP!!!!!!!!

built it and love it!

it started off better than i expected, but when i'm done its going to have enough damage on it to kill krill just by showing her the side of it :angry:

even as standard this thing was WAY better than i expected it to be!!
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