Warframe 56 Lets build the Fang Prime
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:41 pm on Jul-30-2013By: Jecht

Ok so these where a pain to get, have only the one BP for these and was smiling so hard when it dropped!

have all the parts already from T1/2/3 capture missions that when it dropped i INSTANTLY started recording this!

these are awesome little weapons, not got them far and already there nuts to use!!

these do 10 more damage than the normal ones but swing at a rate of 1.2 not 1.5 .. even though i say 0.9 as thats what the wiki said, just to show you shouldnt listen to what you read on a wiki.

yeah i said "listen to what you read" :p

but i mean hell, put in a fire rate mod and these become just as fast and that extra 10 damage makes them WAY cooler than the normal ones!!
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