Warframe 55 Lets make the KRAKEN
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:42 am on Jul-29-2013By: Jecht

Well while farming the void i thought i may aswell make some new weapons since i had no luck with them yet.

in typical fashion though, i built this and the new revolver came out, then i got the bronco prime BP and could build that .. so as there newer they went up first and this got pushed back a video or 2.

all in all though, this fires 2 rounds at once but the recoil makes the second shot useless at range so the SEER is better than this because of that.

the only reason to try this was because it had twice the clip size over the seer but now the seer is out it has made this weapon abit useless as it has it beat hands down on stats.

same clip size but the seer does more damage and have same clip size, reloads are both slow as hell.

would i recommend this over the seer?

NOO, the seer is a pain to farm and in all honesty if you throw a multishot in this then it becomes just as good if not better than the seer and its alot easier to get the materials together for it than it is to farm vor and hope he dont drop 30 cronos instead of the seer parts and waste 3 days on him lol.
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