Warframe 54 Lets build the Bronco Prime
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:12 am on Jul-28-2013By: Jecht

Ok so we finally found one of the new prime blueprints.

We are only missing the pieces for the orthos which we also found the BP for finally too.

So still farming the void missions to find these.

Best place i've found for any of these is capture, even the drop table shows them dropping there, got mine on mobile defence/capture missions accross all 3 levels so cant say which is best personally

The damage amazed me, yes its abit slower than the duels to shoot as there is only one of then but they made up for it in power!!

when i first see the damage it does in the video there's a pause as i couldnt believe the damage it does!!

This weapon is great against troops when your surrounded or at close range if your a sniper and someone sneeks up on you.

USELESS against flying enemys as there too quick lol.
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