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in all honesty i was farming the parts for the new prime weapons and was sick of not finding any of the blueprints to put them together and was looking and remembered we had the BP for the normal fang so decided to make them.

should make for a good comparison now ive used both rather than jumping in and not knowing how these worked, which turned out to be a damn good idea!

was amazed to find out that when using the fang a single click of the melee button and you swing them 3 or 4 times :yay:

see alot of ppl still using this melee weapon despite its low as hell base damage and could never see the point as our duel axe\'s are too weak to keep up with the missions without blowing alot of time/money/mods on them.

till i used them, once i used them ALL became very clear.

the quick attack rate is awesome, just need to add damage to them and they become a much MUCH better weapon, i\'m tempted in putting  fire rate mod in just to see what there like but who knows, still leveling them up.

but would recommend these even for T2 void missions these are great fun to run thru trying a melee only run lol.
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