Warframe 50 Lets make the NOVA warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:05 pm on Jul-19-2013By: Jecht

Here she is, the last, the final warframe to complete our set.

now we have them all.

She was better than expected tbh, her abilities seem abit weird to start with till you get used to them and this is one of the few warframes i have that i will leave all 4 in too!

my frost has 2, vauban even has 2 aswell, take the rest out to fit in more mods but with nova we dont need that as all of her abilitys are good.

she has a loki level of running speed but does have alittle more health then he does so makes her better than him instantly.

but with 300 health and 225 shields she is still a weak warframe so be ready to die alot when leveling her up.

but with these speeds its alittle hard to die as you can get out of trouble quickly.

all in all after afew hours of using her now i have not played as much as i would like and am still very impressed with her.

she is a good warframe with abilitys to counter her lack of shields but i do see the nurf hammer on its way already as first nova i seen in action was on a T3 void defence and it was owning level 140 enemys with ease.

we where still owning them  but she softened them up enough to  kill them so they wont let her be this powerfull for much longer but i am hoping they leave her as she is as its a nice ballence of power gain for loss of shields imo.
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