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So this was the new shotgun, now what i had hoped for tbh.

as you've probly seen i use the HEK alot, i aint used it in 3 weeks while leveling up the newer stuff since update 8 but recently put it back then took it off for the snipetron vandal lol.

so a new shotgun, AWESOME .. but wait, its damage is more than half what the hek was, thats ok we'll just top it off with lots and lots of armour piercing, fire rate and damage.

not got any mods on just yet as i have a plan for this that i'll make clear in afew days.

So came in looking at this different to the hek, the hek was a disappointment and tbh i hated it when i first got it, then added multishot and armour piercing and, well its lasted me along time now and its what i used on pluto/eris to power thru them so had to look at this as what it could be.

With some mods in and increased fire rate this could be a really nice shotgun, not as good as the hek.

fires slower than the  boar.

but when you take into account the bigger clip size with fire rate mods, this could be just as good as the boar.

all in all it has alot of promis to be a good shotgun, not a great shotgun but for enemys upto lvl 25 it could be good.
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