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So here it is, our final warfr... what, there's another one added over the weekend in update 9?

DAMN, we where SOOOOOOO close to having them all built lol.

Either way, here he is, LOKI!!

Loki starts off weak on the health/sheilds but runs faster than any other warframe, unless nova runs insainly fast, not checked that lol.

His abilities are good too, having a decoy so you can place it and run when you get surrounded is great.

topped off with inadvisability, switch teleport and radial disarm this warframe can be really good once leveled up and given the power duration and range mods.

Linking his abilities also helps alot.

for example, you can go invisible then place the decoy when your in trouble.

You can place the decoy in hard to get to places then switch places with it so enemys attack it and you can snipe from up high.

the radial disarm can be useful when surrounded but it is useless against melee enemys as they dont have a weapon to be taken off them.

all in all i like him but had to come at this from a whole different thinking, had to think of him against excaliber as this is one of the first warframes you can get.
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