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OK, so pre update 7.9.0 i started making the MAG warframe, it finished after the update though so no biggy.


mag can control the magnetic fields around her meaning her devastating or "uber" power allows her to lift and crush enemy's, she can also use the pull ability to pull downed enemy's to her to save them.

could go into the use of the abilities but to be far, thats what the video above is for :whistle:

MAG is one of the weakest when it comes to starting health so one of the earliest mods to install is the health one!

Did find her pul abilty VERY usefull but at the same time found its drawbacks when messing around, i went to use the uber ability but had pull selected by mistake and accidently pulled someone away from the enemy's meaning they had more time to down us all and we almost failed but even with that there is other warframe's that have similar style abilities that could also cause an issue.
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