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Update 9 is out, and quickly came out too!

NOVA WARFRAME: After many rounds of brainstorming discussions and voting with our Design Council—the antimatter-themed Warframe is NOW available! As unpredictable as antimatter itself, NOVA puts an interesting twist into any battle and brings an innovated set of powers to the table.

MAP EXPANSIONS: The OROKIN VOID and GRINEER GALLEON have new mission styles added! Get ready to play Defense and Capture within the Void, and Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, and Capture in Grineer Galleon.

NEW PRIME WEAPONS: The Prime collection is growing! Five new prime weapon blueprints have been scattered throughout the Void: Bronco Prime, Paris Prime, Braton Prime, Fang Prime, and Orthos Prime. Will you collect them all?

CAPTAIN VOR BOSS BATTLE: Captain Vor has been revamped with new techniques only the best Tenno will be able to overcome. The fight is worth it: get ready for an amazing new weapon blueprint—a pistol that truly is the first of its kind.

NEW WEAPONS: From the rapid-firing SOBEK Grineer shotgun, to the HIKOU Tenno throwing stars, there is a weapon fit for every Tenno. Interested in researching weapons in your dojo? The SPECTRA Corpus pistol is now available for clan research.

WARFRAME HELMETS- SERIES II: 14 helmets have been added—all Warframes now have their own unique helmet!
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