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Time to build us VOLT

Volt was recently buffed/fixed in a hotfix so it was finaly time to build him.

They buffed him to do alittle more damage with his overload and now his speed ability also adds the speed buff to others around him making him more worth trying now.

We where still going to build him anyway, just put him off till this came out as they said awhile ago he was on the "todo" list for fix's.

he's an ok warframe, with thesame shields/health as the tanks you would of thought he would of been a hell of a good warframe but instead they gave him only 10 armour meaning you have a front line warframe with supporter lvl armour.

This makes for some rather interesting issues cropping up with the lack of armour, cost me afew revives this morning trying to level him up alittle to fit the ability's.

All in all he's well worth a good play around with, even if all he costs you is resources.

NOW, we have only ONE left to build so no need to ask which warframe will be next.
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