Cube World #1 - lets go already!
PermalinkSubmitted: 6:58 pm on Jul-11-2013By: Jecht

SO, finally, after months of waiting for this and weeks of trying to get it once it went live, its here.

the signup\'s are still down and the store too, i snuck in while it was up for a short time and TADA!!!!! here it FINALLY is!!!


This is a voxel based RPG game, basically meaning that instead of polys its using cubes.

This will, and is, being very much compared to minecraft and since i\'ve been in minecraft since early alpha i thought i would check this out but they have been under attack since it came out so the shop has been up and down like mad.

Checked this morning, closed, checked this afternoon and closed, then 5mins later i just refreshed and BOOM, its there so without even thinking about it i had spent €15 and it was alllll mine :yay:

So after installing and trying to buy keys for other ppl and not being able to find out how i gave up looking and jumped straight in.

Its not what i was imagining tbh, its keyboard only and pressing F1 brings up the keys.

Its open world and supposedly endless  too so you could go further and further out.

The creator of this was apparently in talks about joining mojang, which is the company behind minecraft but stayed independent and here's hoping it works out for them!

this has already jumped to popularity because of ppl like notch (creator of minecraft) talking about it, hence the servers cant handle the loads while under attack.
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