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So stright up, 2 more bullets, 25 more damage than the old snipetron.

Do get the old one as a BP, we might build that later.

This does reload faster than the vulkar, which replaced the original snipetron in update 8, does not say it does but it seems to from playing with it.

it came with a slot so if your full of weapons you still get this!!

All in all it looks good, it works really well and considering all it cost was the time taken to kill 20 of the droids, its a hell of a good weapon!!!

Shame lies in the fact we nearly failed this!

with 16hr's left we had not yet hit 70%, with 8hr's left we had not hit 80%!!!!

Then suddenly while i'm trying my best it was as if the world woke up and everyone was trying to get this to happen, went upto about 96% with little under 3hr's to go and i had to stop and go out.

So while out i'm crossing fingers, trying to speed thru what i had to do to get back and help.

i return with just over an hour to go to find it at 100%, what a releaf, we had done it.. JUST!

the frost prime one was done with a day to spare, this one .. well there was alot of talk in chat from ppl who got to 20 and stopped and wondered why they didnt have it and where done.

If we had failed, it would of been down to these ppl who would of blamed everyone else and ruined it for those of us who where trying to get the challenge done, not just going to 20 and stopping.

but that aside, we got it, its an awesome weapon and since it came built WITH a catalyst its going to be a really good sniper!
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