Warframe 45 Lets make the EMBER warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:15 am on Jul-07-2013By: Jecht

Well here she is, Ember.

Dispite all the fan art of Ember, she is indeed female NOT male! :p

this is the first one i had issues with when leveling her up, i got owned badly the first time i used her and had to seek help or was going to fail a mission sad

lucky for me someone joined and i limped her back to the menus to give her the rest of the day off and fit some health/shield mods before abilities.

This was why she's gone from being new to being lvl 13 before i could show abilities as she kept getting owned.

After that she turned into a hell of a good warframe though, world on fire is very usefull against the infested enemys making her perfect for that if you throw in a power duration mod!

Only things thats bugging me at the moment is that my focus mod (power strength), well i dont have any, had to borrow one from ash :wall:

she started holding her own to go soloing again to get all the kills in a mission and level her up and she became really good.

Will a shield/health of 300/300 and armour of only 10 when she hits level 30, she will be getting slapped with the forma and returned back to unranked so i can fit as many power mods as she will take, make her "super ember" :whistle:
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