Warframe Spy Drone Community Event
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:08 pm on Jul-06-2013By: Jecht

Follow the community progress bar in-game throughout the weekend. IF the community-wide event is successful and the bar is filled before Monday at 12PM EDT, the following ninja-worthy rewards will be given:

- Kill 20+ Drones & receive a SNIPETRON VANDAL!
- Don't stop at 20—the top 100 players will receive a PRIMED CHAMBER MOD- first shot in new clip gives +25% bonus damage per fusion level.
- Part of a clan?  The top clans from 4 pre-determined tiers will receive a GRINEER DRONE STATUE for their dojo -- awarded after Update 9 (see below for tier/reward details)

1-10 members: Top 10 Clans
11-100 members: Top 5 clans
101-1000 members: Top 3 clans
1001+ members: Top 3 clans
Created by  MarkeyDesign