Warframe 44 Lets make the FRAGOR
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:12 am on Jul-03-2013By: Jecht

Well im still on the hunt for a replacement to the gram, have the big axe, the hate and this was meant to be built ages ago but never got to do it so here it is.

The fragor has similar stats to the hate with 50 damage and a 1.0 fire rate.

Biggest reason to try this over the hate is when you ground pound with it, it does a shock wave that throws enemys into the air.

Its also awesome in the way that a charged swing with this throws things like its a bat!

Still prefer my gram as it swings way faster but so far this is a little bit better than the hate is because of that ground pound effect.

Just like the reaper prime in that matter, has a big blast radius when you do a ground pound.
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