Warframe 43 Lets make the KOGAKE
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:31 am on Jun-29-2013By: Jecht

Well hot fix 8.2 came out last night so set off the new weapon to built.

The KOGAKE, its a fist weapon that also bring kicking into the game too, its not the hardest hitter tbh but lots of fun.

There is a contest going this weekend that if you do a video LESS than 20 seconds long showing an awesome kill on the forum you have a chance of being one of 5 ppl who can win 1000 platinum.

dont think i will enter but thats down to having no time to do it, it expires on the 1st july, see the forums for more details.

back to the weapon!!

So sliding into a battle you'll upper cut ppl and send them flying into the air.

charge hits kick ppl and knock them over.

BIGGEST draw back to this though is the fact it seems to be a one enemy hitter, as in, you can only target one person at a time, so its not much use in infested missions when your surrounded.

its a good weapon and i have been looking for an excuse to use one of the hand to hand weapons and seeing this has kicking too i thought we would give it a go.
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