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Well then, i was wrong about who ppl would want me to build next!

after trinity i thru up a poll of sorts, which would you want next?
Rhino was winning quickly with only one vote for ember and 3 for rhino so started rhino.

fast foward to yesterday when i was editing this .. ember actually won :wall:

won by a single vote.

SO, here's Rhino :whistle:

Next time we'll make ember, maybe i already have her under way? who knows.

Rhino to start with is like any other tanks, 100 health, 150 shields and runs about as slow as a turtle thats asleep.

after abit and a run mod installed he's back upto pace, he's only a 12 right now as he's only afew days old and i've been too busy to get him properly tanked up unfortunately but so far have the mods in the right place!

Iron skin has to be rhinos best ability, basically makes him invincible for afew seconds but if you throw on power duration mod it becomes much better.

rhino charge is basically Excaliburs slash dash with more damage

biggest issue i see with this guy is simply down to his last 2 abilities.

forget the name of one off hand but the other is rhino stomp .. one costs 75 power and does an AOE fist punch to the ground and does radial damage.
the other costs 100 power and is called rhino stomp, basicly the same as the other but the enemys are thrown up into the air and fall in slow motion.

GREAT if you have a really good melee or quick firing weapon, but useless against infested dogs as they just stop moving for a second then get back to trying to chew off your toes.

so would go with the 75 power, costs less and saves you power to bang on iron skin in a jam.

still not sure which i like more, my frost is a straight up beast of a tank who can walk into a big battle and i can goto the toilet, come back and he's standing there picking bits of dead guy off his shoes while there shooting at him, frost prime is set up for ability use, still a tank but his frost bubble (snow globe) is set for lasting longer and using less power.

where as rhino, dont have the time in him yet to decide, definatly liking the iron skin but his AOE attack is abit weak tbh.
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