Warframe 41 Lets make the TRINITY warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:23 pm on Jun-23-2013By: Jecht

Well i asked around and had afew ppl suggesting afew different warframes but trinity came up the most so here she is.

With only 10 armour she's a supporting warframe but when it comes to supporting warframes, she has to be THE best!

With her ability to heal the whole group ANYWHERE on the map at any time, she will be very handy in a boss fight or even in a defense mission when friends get ambushed.

unfortunately her abilities do lack in the offensive front, you have no AOE attack so if you get crouded .. your dead!

so you have  to remember that if a group of enemys come after you, you can either link to one of them and hope for the best OR simply run back to your friends and hide behind them crying in the corner hoping they can save you!

seems abit silly to say right?

nope, as you can tell from the video, i went down QUICK and that was a really easy mission!

Even though she's a good warframe to have in your team, you have to remember to stay back or you are going to die alot while your still leveling her up.
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