Warframe - Rare Artifact Defence Event #3
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:01 pm on Jun-22-2013By: Jecht

so here it is, from last night i give you the third rare artifact defence!!

this morning there on corpus but yesterday i had to suffer this map for a second time, lucky me, got in on a good team and we .. well you will have to watch to see.

but as for the 3 rare artifacts, lowers enemy armour, lowers enemy shields and slows infested, tested the infested one and didnt see that much of a difference in there running speed tbh.

the shield one is the only one i see being used, mainly for assasination missions when they have shields or get them back quickly.

do like having defence in the alerts but a corpus one i did this morning was 25 waves .. a corpus one on pluto i tried to do this afternoon started great but the ppl i was with where not so good.

hope they put them in but leave them as normal defence missions, where you can leave after 5/10/15/20/etc waves because not everyone is good at defence so alot of these are failing more than they should be.

actually had a vauban this morning that did not ONCE use his abilities then when we failed couldnt figure out why lol.
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