Warframe 40 Lets build the Stalker weapons? ALL of them!!
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:25 am on Jun-17-2013By: Jecht

Dread is stalkers version of the Paris
Despair is the stalker version of the Kunai
Hate is the stalker version of the Reaper Prime

now this costs 800 platinum to buy but comes with the smoke colour pack.

OR you can simply wait, eventually the stalker will come after you if you do an assasination mission.

once you kick his butt he'll have a chance of dropping a blueprint for one of his weapons.

now i called it a couple weeks before update 8 when this became avalable because the stalker came after me using a bow and arrow (the dread) and i said "wtf is that? he's got a huge .. oh he's dead"

they looked awesome and i can understand why they released them, i can not understand why they did not atleast make the reaper prime as good as this.

the Dread is ok, but its chance to cut someones head off makes it better than the paris.

the despair i'm unsure of, the kunia and these are too close to call.

the Hate however, hands down is better than the reaper prime. does more damage, does more charge damage.

all in all though, 800 platinum for these when you can obtain them in game given enough time?

is it really worth the, what is it, 100 platinum is like $50-$60? (€45)

mean if you want to be part of the design council and have the platinum then sure, why not.

but buying 1000 platinum to buy this pack? thats upto you.
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