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last of the new weapons introduced on friday.

i've had abit of an issue with lack of space to build any new weapons so yes .. the KESTREL was sold to allow me to build this.

but never fear .. as i put this up, it is being rebuilt :whistle:

This is the first staff weapon i've actually built, i like it, its not the gram and has a longer charge time than the gram but i am liking it alot!

its only the 3rd weapon i've put a catalyst into as i got it to level 19 and it was abit weak so in it went and WOW, what a change the extra damage, elemental damages, charge damage and the charge speed mods made to it, LOVING this weapon right now!

as you can actually see in the video at the start, thats the block animation and this video was meant to be up on tuesday but i had my "tuesday from hell" that spilt over to wednesday so this video ended up TWO days late so added the start bit in last night as that animation was awesome!

all in all, i'm having loads of fun with this weapon and enjoying having the change from the gram on my back ..


it wont be there long now, i've already set off its replacement :whistle:
hope that works out or i'll be REALLY upset :angry:
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