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This took me WAY too long to get the pieces as i dont buy platinum .. yes, this whole thing has been done without using platinum!!

was lucky to get so many invites to void missions from everyone so thanks to everyone who's helped me out, can finaly get started on my prime weapons too, have the parts, need space's to build them which does mean buying platinum .. which is a problem so might upgrade founder pack .. who knows.

yes i know i saidd i dont use platinum, but have to, to buy slots for warframes and weapons, i mean i dont use platinum to BUY things with :p
already entry lvl founder :)

ANYWAY, frost prime .. WOOOO!!!

just like the normal frost but with lots of gold coloured pieces and a new helmet.

the new stuff wont work on the old frost but the old frost stuff will work on the new frost :whistle:

has an extra polarity slot but am still not sure about retiring my twice polarized frost JUST yet, mean the new one looks good but i can find VERY little info as to what makes it a prime apart from the look and 3rd polarity slot.

excaliber prime has a quicker shield recharge rate, but there is very little info i can find on if its the same or not for this prime warframe.
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